Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

It’s about doing the right thing, not just when someone is looking, but all the time.

Our policies are designed to promote ethical conduct and compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements. Macktron promotes responsible business practices with every business function and at every level of the company and we expect our stakeholders throughout the value chain to meet our ethical expectations and standards as well.

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics aims to empower our workforce, to foster a culture of transparency, drive integrity and create an inclusive and safe workplace. Macktron’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics covers policies related to governance, ethics and corporate social responsibility, supporting our commitment to conducting business with uncompromising integrity and transparency. It describes not only doing business with integrity toward employees, but our customers, shareholders, supply chain partners and all other third parties. It sets forth what Macktron values, what Macktron prohibits as a company and highlights programs and resources to help employees meet these expectations.

At all times, we conduct our business in an honest, fair, safe and honourable way. We find that this approach nurtures loyalty, continuity and sustained growth whilst strengthening relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. At Macktron we pride ourselves on our unquestioning integrity.

Macktron and its management are dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency, integrity and honesty and ask its stakeholders to actively participate in creating and maintaining this culture. It’s about doing the right thing, not just when someone is looking, but all the time.

The executive of Macktron actively supports comprehensive communication of the Code of Conduct and will ensure that it is implemented by all. The position of Compliance Officer has been created for the purpose of demonstrating the emphasis placed on implementing this corporate culture.

Adhering to the laws and legal structures of the countries in which we do business is a fundamental principle of Macktron. Staff members must adhere to the statutory regulations of the legal systems under which they act.

We respect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual. We work with people from different origins, cultures and religions, irrespective of their skin colour, sexual identity and gender. We do not accept discrimination based on these characteristics or any other form of personal attacks. These principles apply to our internal cooperation as well as to our behaviour towards our business partners.

Integrity and adherence to legal regulations starts at the management level of a company. Each manager is responsible for the staff members entrusted to him. He/she must always adopt ethical behaviour and adherence to guidelines as his/her own course and promote this through his/her leadership style and in training sessions.

No staff member may use his position to accept benefits or gifts from business partners or to grant such benefits or gifts. This excludes occasional gifts of symbolic value or invitations to business dinners or other events that are appropriate to the occasion. It is important to make specific procedures transparent by providing sufficient documentation. The Compliance Officer of Macktron must be consulted in cases of doubt.

All staff members of Macktron dealing with the import and export of printed circuit boards are obliged to adhere to all applicable export and import control regulations.

Macktron expects its suppliers to share its values and principles:
a) Adhere to all valid and applicable laws and directives
b) Abstain from any form of corruption
c) Respect the human rights of staff members and business partners
d) Adhere to the laws against child labour
e) Accept responsibility for the health and safety of staff members
f) Adhere to the relevant environmental conservation laws and regulations
g) Monitor that these principles are also adhered to within the group’s own supply chain