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Clarification on privacy

This website is owned, managed, and maintained by Macktron Technology Limited. (hereafter called Macktron). Before you use this website, please carefully read the following provisions. The use of this website indicates that you understand and accept these provisions. If you do not accept these provisions, please do not use this website, thank you.

1. About your personal privacy

Macktron fully respects your privacy.

The objective of Macktron’s use of data is to support and strengthen the company’s relationship with users, such as sharing Macktron’s newest products and company updates with users, and to provide better services.

Macktron guarantees that we will not disclose, sell, or lease personal information without first obtaining your consent or unless it is for services that you require. In extremely rare cases, Macktron may need to disclose your personal information in accordance with legal regulations, such as that involving law suits or other legal procedures. If we are required to disclose information, we will take all reasonable commercial measures to ensure the confidentiality of all disclosed personal information such as prohibiting personal information used for commercial objectives.

Macktron may possibly share information with companies that are helping Macktron to fulfill our duties to you. However, the premise is that these cooperative partners must promise to protect your privacy. Macktron will use appropriate methods to protect the security of your personal data.

Macktron reminds you that except for your personal identification information, the material, information, or contact method (hereafter referred to as information) that users mail to this website are viewed as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Macktron is not held responsible for this information. We also remind you that Macktron can view any user transaction behavior as consent or authorizations without specific declaration. Macktron and its authorized persons can freely copy, reveal, distribute, combine, and use the information for commercial or non-commercial objectives, including all data, patterns, sounds, text, and all other content.

Your use of this website shall not go against legal regulations and public morals, and users shall not mail to this website or distribute on this website any illegal, threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, or other materials that violate laws. If relevant persons raise concrete evidence, warnings, or protests toward information content and its effects, this website can delete the content or information at any time and prevent the information from being distributed on this website permanently. Information on this website can be deleted without prior notification to the person submitting the information, nor does this website have the obligation to notify the submitting person. For severe violators, this website can cancel the user’s account.

2. Disclaimer

Macktron shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, or specific losses resulting from the use of this website or other websites linked to this website. This includes, but is not limited to, any profit loss, business interruption, and program or data loss, even if Macktron has been specifically notified of the possibility of this type of loss. Users shall be responsible for all risks associated with the use of this website.

3. Revisions

Macktron can revise these provisions at any time. Users should visit this website often to understand current provisions. Parts of provisions may also be announced or replaced by clear and specific regulations on this website.

Macktron can terminate, revise, or stop any aspect of this website at any time, including any specific item availability of this website. Macktron can conduct these changes without prior notice, and is not responsible for providing specific characteristic or services on the website, or for limiting users from visiting parts of the website or the entire website.

Macktron can terminate the aforementioned authorization, rights, and permissions at any time. Users shall erase all data upon the termination of these authorization, rights, and permissions.

4. Cookies

“Cookies” refers to technology where information is stored in your computer that allows you to login to this service and enables us to help you personalize your online experience. We use cookies to store your habits and preferences on this service webpage so that you do not have to input the same information every time you use this website, and to provide customized content and appropriate advertisements when you browse the webpage the next time.

You can turn off the use of cookies in your webpage browser setting. However, you may not be able to use the comprehensive functionality of this website by doing so.

5. Governing laws, dispute processing, and interpretation

Republic of China laws are applicable for disputes that result from this announcement or the use of this website.

Negotiations shall be used to settle disputes that result from this announcement or the use of this website. If negotiation fails, then litigation in the Shenzhen.

District Court shall be used to solve the dispute.

The interpretation rights of this announcement and interpretations rights used in this website belong to Macktron.

6. Contact us

If you have any opinions, questions, views, or concerns about this policy, or if you believe any incompliance of this policy is occurring, please feel welcome to contact us at any time.