Employee Care and Development

Macktron management team is convinced that the first priority of corporate governance is Macktron loves every employee. Macktron treats all employees as family, giving caring and developing opportunities without discrimination and committing smooth communication as well as open and transparent management mechanisms. With high proportion of young workers, we have a vibrant work environment. We are happy to share the most immediate working status with employees. We encourage mutual fellowship and support among employees. We expect employees to work and grow in Macktron without worry so as to become the important thrust to support the sustainable development of the company.

Precautionary Measures for a Safe Working Environment and Personnel Security

Occupational Health and Safety

Macktron is committed to providing employees with a safe and healthy work environment. We established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee (OSH Committee) with reference to the Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations. The committee holds the committee meeting every quarter and enforces organizational occupational safety and health policies to ensure all departments are operated safely and prevent accidents and disasters. An accident and anomaly investigation and management system is also established to investigate work-related accidents and injuries (including environmental accidents) to identify the causes of accidents and take effective corrective and preventive actions to prevent recurrence.

Practical implementation Contents

A. To ensure prevention of workers being exposed to hazardous material, for exposed concentration to meet law regulated standards, the Company carries out operation environment inspection twice a year in order to implement the supervision and monitor on work environment. Inspection plan is announced before putting it into practice, and the implementation result is disclosed to the public. Improvement actions are taken according to the monitoring results. Referring to the yearly employee health examination report, find out the corresponded improving action and adjustment in work place condition with the assistance from the occupational disease specialized doctor.

B. In order to fully understand the health condition of our employees, assign the most suitable job, and prevent occupational illness, in addition to establishing medical care and emergency staff according to law regulations, health examinations are conducted for new employees, periodic health examinations for active employees and special health examinations for workers exposed to hazardous operation. For employees with exceptionally abnormal results from the health examination, the plant nurse will provide tracking and care for their health conditions, and when necessary, they may consider adjustments or modifications to their job content.

C. To enhance the safety awareness of the two plants, carrying out a monthly security rating of the each class in two plants, as well as taking forward the relevant security activities. Hopefully the purpose of production safety will be achieved by the giving reward or punishment according to the rating result of each month.

D. Work safety improvement plans

-D1. The implementation of the construction upon safe production standardization, and obtained the approval by the superior of Administration of Work Safety.

-D2. The implementation of safety education system and investigation & management of potential risks.

-D3. Quarterly lecture courses of health related topics, and reduce the incidence of occupational injuries.

-D4. Implementation of temperature measuring operation at every heated spot of the machines and equipment, to prevent industrial safety hazard occurrence.

-D5. Implementation of Electrical equipment Control Measures, to prevent the operating personnel from getting electrical shot.

-D6. Continue to promote health management, and put it into practice to protect the health of employees.

-D7. Strengthening grade 3 education and training for new staff.

-D8. Continuous revision of each post’s operation safety rules.

-D9. Continue to take action to investigate and control the potential risks, develop and implement safety inspection program.

Communication and Grievance Mechanisms

1)- Set up CEO mailbox: Provide a channel readily available to receive illegal report. The Chairman reads each letter, treating it seriously and handling it actively.

2)- Mailbox for Unreasonable: Provide employee feedback and give appropriate reply for the unreasonable of management or system in the company. The one who opens the letters must keep permanent secrecy for the complainant and reply the processed results within 7 days.

3)- The company holds regular quarterly meetings of labor/management, industrial safety and health committees. Meanwhile, the company holds monthly management meeting for two-way communication, enabling the company to understand the needs of employees, while employees to understand the operational changes that may cause a significant impact on the company.

Training and Education System

A competency-oriented learning and development system is established and implemented to ensure personnel of all levels receive appropriate training, so as to improve their skills and literacy and thereby achieve organizational objectiveness and effectiveness. In 2013 we established a library and began aiding in-service training to help employees to accumulate expertise, learn management skills.

Employee Care and Development

Employees are important resource to Macktron. To take good care of employees, improve employee satisfaction and reduce attrition rate, apart from complying with labor-related laws and regulations, a series of employee care projects were implemented at the end of 2012. Under these projects, comprehensive benefits were provided with reference to the need of employees, so as to ensure employees are cared and concerned for both physically and mentally.

  • Company Sports Event
  • Employee advanced study grants
  • Library, Warm pantry
  • Employee Complaint Mailbox
  • Staff Forum
  • Overseas Travel
  • Production Bonus
  • Christmas Activities
  • Annual year-end banquet
  • Shenzhen International Marathon