Customer satisfaction and product quality are at the heart of Macktron’s values and its business strategy, continuous improvement is in our DNA. We maintain very high standards for quality control, including zero tolerance for errors, and have implemented systemic processes to achieve these standards such as a 4-eyes principle. Macktron follows customer needs and strives to exceed their expectations, quality is not a structure but a culture, quality is made by those who work, everyone in the company has a customer to satisfy, each manufacturing process is responsible for the quality of its work, everyone must have in mind the receiver of their output.

Quality Management System

Quality Policy

Quality Policy Continuous technology innovation, quality excellence, fast and on-time delivery, and service with integrity and professionalism form the core of Macktron’ quality management policy. This policy has enabled us to provide outstanding products and services that satisfy our customers. We have established a comprehensive quality management system, and each step of our production process has a systematic management and supervisory mechanism. We also regularly look into customer satisfaction levels to improve ourselves.